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Scalable, dependable cloud hosting controlled by a full featured API. Fine grained permissions at both the user and network layer. Fully audited. All this behind a state of the art intrusion prevention system that you don't have to configure or monitor 24/7/365.

Some of our features

Security, scale-ability and love. Check out some of our core features:

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  • Managed Border Security

    Our firewalls and intrusion prevention devices drop harmful traffic before it even reaches your virtual infrastructure.

  • Hardened Operating Systems

    Our OS templates are more secure by default. That means less work that you have to do when deploying a new server!

  • Scalable infrastructure on demand

    Need scale?  We've got you covered: we've got plenty of 'iron' so you can save on capital expenditure.

Why Armored IO?

Defense is hard. Even smaller companies have these incredibly complex information technology systems that make it easy for intruders to break in. All they need is one weak point and they’re in. Automated tools make finding these weak points simple. Offense is easy, and it’s incredibly cheap. Defending a complex platform is expensive. Too expensive […]